• A Full Service Energy Consultation Firm

It’s Your Money, get it back!

US Energy Consulting Group, LLC is a Full Service Energy Consultation Firm that is dedicated to providing your business with the most reliable energy supply at the lowest possible cost. With over ten years of commodities experience, our team of energy managers has a unique understanding of how the energy market impacts your company’s finances. Utilization of this knowledge has given us an exceptional presence offering top tier programs in the marketplace. As a national full service energy consultancy firm, US Energy delivers unmatched service in all deregulated territories.

US Energy Consulting Group Offers.

  • Volume driven rate competition through the supplier network.

  • Price Protection/Cost Control/Risk Mitigation (various terms).

  • Energy Auditing/Market Forecasting.

  • Energy Use Reduction Programs.

  • Green Solutions & Alternative Energy.

Who is US Energy Consulting?

US Energy is an independent energy marketing firm and we are not affiliated with any utility companies. By working with one of our qualified consultants, the often confusing energy market can become a tool for your company to save money and improve your bottom line. In these economic times, it is crucial to have a reliable partner like US Energy working with you. Only an established energy consulting firm, like US Energy, can offer the client service and market power required to minimize the impact of energy use on your finances.

US Energy Consulting Group Benefits.

The two biggest impacts on your energy costs is the price you pay per Kilowatt Hour (KWH) for electricity and per British Thermal Unit (BTU) for natural gas. By managing a competitive bidding process for client’s accounts among our network of multiple reputable suppliers, we are able to secure the lowest possible market rates for electricity and natural gas.

US Energy is not affiliated with any wholesaler or utility thus allowing us to be objective in the marketplace; our allegiance is only to our customers. We will serve your needs wherever a meaningful deregulation program exists. US Energy offers programs designed to guard against the change and uncertainty we face in energy prices, with fixed rate programs of up to 36 months.

Programs that guarantee your gas and electric rates will not go up no matter the circumstance.